Dadara banks on Famous Auction House


Starting from January 2012, Famous will be opening a new space at Weteringschans 83, Amsterdam!
It will be the headquarters of Famous Auction House, but we will also organize exhibitions and special projects. So keep an eye out for our up and coming events!

For starters, in February 2012, Famous will launch a new exhibition by Dadara The Art of Turning Art into Money.
This exhibition will be directly linked to Dadara’s Exchanghibition Bank project.
The Exchanghibition Bank questions the value(s) of art and money:
are the Exchanghibition bills art or is it money?

The bills can be purchased through the Exchanghibition bank and used to pay for tickets for sold out events, such as festivals (Mysteryland, Awakenings, ADM, IDFA, to name a few), the grand opening of the Rijksmuseum, Paradiso and Melkweg, and also for the up and coming premiere of Spuiten en Slikken.

At the exhibition we will be showcasing the original paintings that were used for the money designs, and Dadara himself will be present at the opening with his Exchanghibition Bank, where you can purchase Exchanghibition money.
As well as a very special 2012 bill, that will be issued in an edition of 2012.
Of this piece we will create a special lithograph: keep an eye out for that too, as we will soon open a subscription list for the sale of the lithograph.

In the meantime check out Famous Auction House for other Dadara pieces!
We have both original drawings and objects, as well as lithographs and collectibles!

Bidding starts at: €40,-

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