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June 25th marked the 3rd anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, but he’s still very much alive in the hearts and minds of the public, and of the artistic community. The King of Pop has been depicted by a large selection of artists throughout his illustrious career and still remains a popular subject.

Among the most famous Michael Jackson artworks you will find Andy Warhol’s series of colourful screen-prints of Jackson’s face, created in 1984, when Jackson was at the peak of his fame after the release of Thriller in 1982. Michael Jackson and Bubbles, a ceramic statue created by Jeff Koons in 1988, shows a reclined Michael Jackson with his pet chimp Bubbles, in shades of cream and gold. In 2006 artist and filmmaker John Waters created Playdate, consisting of two figures: Michael Jackson, with a baby’s body in pink leotard; crawls towards the seated baby Charles Manson, wearing a black leotard. The figures were created out of silicone, human and synthetic hair. Photographer David LaChapelle released a series of photographs of Jackson in 2009, in them Jackson is pictured as: Archangel Michael; in a Pieta in the arms of a Jesus-like figure, titled American Jesus; and in The Beautification in which he stands next to the Virgin Mary. In 2010 Marc Quinn created two enormous marble sculptures of the head and hand of Jackson titled Man in the Mirror: both statues are each other’s photonegative one white face and black hair and the other a black face with white hair. More recently a sculpture created by Maria von Köhler in 2011 of Michael Jackson hanging out of a window while dangling his blanket covered baby out of it, stirred quite a commotion in East London where it’s located. The sculpture recreates a famous scene from a Berlin hotel, back in 2002.
The fact that these works still evoke public uproar shows the impact Michael Jackson made on the world through his music.

At Famous Auction House you can find several original pieces signed by Michael Jackson, such as a black fedora hat made by hand for Jackson and signed by the artist on the rim. As well as hand written notes, and a Dutch football shirt on which Jackson wrote Heal the World with black marker pen, before signing it below.

Michael Jackson Memorabilia


Some artists really require no introduction.
Their merits have procured them fame beyond measure and made them household names across the globe.
Say the name Michael Jackson, and people from all ages around the world have an immediate response: he’s a musical legend.
The most successful entertainer of all time (according to the Guinness Book of Records), Jackson left a legacy of awesome music that continues to inspire artists and touch listeners.

At Famous Auction House you can purchase several items of Michael Jackson memorabilia. Such as handwritten notes, and, most notably, a black fedora hat that was owned by Michael Jackson. Jackson signed the hat on the inner rim with silver marker, and wrote a message “All My Love, 1998”. The fedora was made to measure and has his name in gold pressed into the inside rim. The hat was donated by Michael Jackson for the Veronica’s Muziek Veiling, a special auction held for UNICEF, while he was in Holland during his Dangerous tour in 1992. He handed the hat over to Dutch presenter Henny Huisman, an event that was filmed and photographed. It has been preserved in a plexiglass box with a mirrored bottom, so it’s well protected and in mint condition.
A veritable must-have for music lovers and Michael Jackson fans!

Should you be interested in these or other memorabilia items then please contact us via info@famous.nl for information.

Jimi Hendrix rocks Famous Auction House


One of the most influential musicians of all time, Jimi Hendrix died young, but left an amazing musical legacy. His work continues to inspire artists like Prince and Michael Jackson. He himself didn’t think much of his voice, and reluctantly recorded it. He felt he could communicate better through his guitar: “I want to do with my guitar, what Little Richard does with his voice”, he once said. And that he did: a guitar virtuoso, creating sounds and melodies unlike any other, and that still resound in the music of today.

At Famous Auction House you can now purchase a little bit of history: a scarf worn and owned by Jimi Hendrix + a signed photograph. Hendrix wore the scarf in 1968 during his recording sessions at the New York Studio’s.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!
Bidding starts at €2700,-

Michael Jackson tops Famous Auction House


Michael Jackson really needs no introduction. Since he started performing with his brothers in The Jackson Five in the early 1960′s, this musical phenomenon has taken over the music industry, and shook it up, stirred it round and inspired it like no other. Nicknamed The King of Pop, Jackson was the first African-American performer to get major exposure with his video’s, and helped popularize MTV. Many of today’s pop music has been influenced by Jackson in one way or another. And so the world was very shocked when in 2009, Jackson died under suspicious circumstances that are still under investigation.

Famous Auction House sells several items by the famous artist, including hand written notes, a signed t-shirt and, to top it all off: one of his original signature Michael Jackson black fedora hats. Hand crafted for the artist, with his name embossed on the inside. Signed by Michael Jackson with a white marker.

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