New Mural by Banksy


Yesterday morning, the British town of Cheltenham was surprised by the sudden presence of a mysterious mural, which pretty much looks like the work of the famous street-artist Banksy. The unconfirmed mural, located near the office of the GCHQ (the British Government Communication Headquarters) shows three men in trenchcoat with audio recording devices, making an obvious reference to the bugging activities by the NSA and the GCHQ.

Remarkably, a few hours after this unofficial mural popped up, Banksy posted a picture of his newest official mural on his website: a completely different artwork showing a man and woman embracing while taking a look at their smartphones. The picture goes without any description, leaving everyone guessing for the location of the new mural and the identity of the – up to now – unknown creator of the Cheltenham mural.

Unfortunately Famous Auction House does not auction any work of Banksy, but if you are interested in Banksy, you might be also interested in the work of the famous artist Blek le Rat. Banksy once said of Blek le Rat:

“…Every time I think I’ve painted something slightly original, I find out that Blek Le Rat has done it as well, only twenty years earlier.”

Now on auction:
Limited Hardback Edition: Getting Through the Walls by Blek le Rat

A conversation between Jeff Koons and John Waters


Last Sunday, two of Famous’ favourite artists, Jeff Koons and John Waters, had a sold-out talk at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. The event, the latest in the Broad’s ongoing series of high-profile pairings, is co-presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’s ALOUD in association with Blouin ARTINFO. The talk was being live streamed and is still on view here.

In this talk, John Waters interviewed Jeff Koons, in a conversation about his three decades-long career. They talked about the inspiration and creative processes behind Jeff Koon’s artworks, including some of his most iconic and most controversial works, including the ‘Balloon Dog’ and the ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’.

John Waters, famous for his filmmaking work and classics as ‘Pink Flamingos’ and ‘Hairspray’, has been a long-time fan of Koons’ work. As he says, “As with all great contemporary art, Jeff Koon’s work at first leaves you confused and possibly angered,” says Waters. “His sculptures and paintings are deadpan, misleading, comforting, and even threatening at times in their guiltless devotion to innocence. Koons is never campy or even merely clever. Just smart.”

Joanne Heyler, the Broad’s finding director, said in an interview: “Jeff Koons is an artist who challenges our cultural assumptions, a trait he shares with John Waters. We expect this to be a provocative discussion between two brilliant artists and are pleased to be able to present it to a Los Angeles audience at the iconic Orpheum Theater.” And it was!

Check out the talk here, or check out the John Waters’ or Jeff Koons’ items at Famous Auction House!

Marcel Wanders is ‘Pinned Up’ at the Stedelijk Museum!


Tomorrow, 31st of January, it is time for the opening of the exhibiton ‘Pinned Up – 25 Years of Design’ by Marcel Wanders. The title suggests the way in which the designer and his work are ‘pinned up’ and analyzed in the Stedelijk Museum.

Marcel Wanders (Boxtel, 1963) is seen as one of the most pioneering artists of the past decennia. He is internationally known for his products, furniture, interiors and art direction.

The exhibition is the largest overview of Wander’s work ever, and the first major design exhibition since the reopening of the Stedelijk in 2012. More than 400 objects, from the end of the eighties until more recent work, are on view in the monumental underground space of the new wing.

Gallerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam is proud to announce the collaboration with Marcel Wanders on the Snotty Valentine XL, a bronze sculpture in an edition of 8 produced in conjunction with his solo show “Marcel Wanders: ‘Pinned up’ – 25 Years of Design” at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The sculpture will be exclusively available at the gallery from February 1st.

The exhibition ‘Pinned Up – 25 Years of Design’ at the Stedelijk Museum is on view until the 15th of June 2014.


Famous is proud to present: Tamura Yoshiyasu


Famous is proud to present, and glad to introduce you to Famous’ newest artist: the Japanese artist Tamura Yoshiyasu. Tamura Yoshiyasu (1977) is an artist from Tokyo. In 1997, he made a debut as a professional Manga artist in Jump Magazine by Shueisha Company in Tokyo. In 2000, he graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Education in Gunma University.

A mix of classic Japanese paintings with modern Manga characters best characterizes Yoshiyasu’s work. Often, he draws inspiration from Japanese old novels, like the story of prince Genji. This novel is probably the first novel ever written.
He often works with gold leaf mixed with sumi (Japanese high quality artist ink) and acrylic on canvas. This gives his works a very rich feeling, while also being colourful and playful. Often, he uses satirical or funny elements in his works. Mixing these elements with traditional Japanese forms and rituals, like costumes like the kimono, typical Japanese landscapes and characters, he creates an exquisite and original new feeling to Japanese works. His works give a new meaning to Japanese modern art, and are a testimony of the talent of Japan’s modern art scene.

Famous is happy to announce that we’ve acquired two amazing paintings by Tamura Yoshiyasu, including Hummingbird, an acrylic and gold leaf painting of a Japanese girl in a kimono, with her hair turning into a Japanese bright pink flower with a colourful hummingbird and Eve, a painting of a Japanese girl seen behind ivy, portrayed as Eve. It is a very colourful and luxurious painting, with the bright colors on the golden background. These works will soon be on auction, but you can also make an appointment to step by the gallery to come check them out.

Laser 3.14 has solo-show at Famous at 8.3.14!


We’re kicking off 2014 with a great prospect, the prospect of a new show at Famous! The show will be a solo-show by the Dutch graffiti artist/poet Laser 3.14 and will open at the 1st of March 2014 (8.3.14), simultaneously with the new Miles Aldridge show at Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam.

Laser 3.14’s passion for graffiti began as a kid in the early 80’s. He was greatly inspired by early Amsterdam writers like Ego, Dr Smurry, Dragon, Collodi and Tarantula. In 1984 he attended graphic school in Amsterdam. Around the early 1990′s, he began sketching and producing comics, illustrating, and writing poetry. Experimenting in this manner led him to showcasing much of what was produced. Towards the end of the 90’s he ran into an artistic impasse and felt the need to reignite a creative spark he felt had been lost. As a result, he went back to his roots: graffiti writing. At this point, he began to utilize the city as his canvas, and turned his poetry into street art.

The graffiti artist Laser 3.14 is an anonymous artist. He is an Amsterdam-based phenomenon, famous for his poetic texts all over Amsterdam. Love him or hate him, but you cannot deny him: his texts are all over the city. As he says, “The city is my canvas right now!”

We’re hoping to see you all there at 8.3.14 - not to miss!

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